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I love it! The art, music, sfx is all fantastic! It's a bit difficult, I got so close to defeating him but he keeps trapping me on the bottom with his lazers. Great game though :)

Edit: got past the first phase, the second phase is way harder wtf. The skele enemies lunge so fast, it's just as bad as getting caught in the laser. How is beating the game in under 5 minutes even possible?

Lmao, the number of idiots calling this a GD ripoff...

I played the impossible game for a long time back in the day, even had a version for my graphing calculator. The time limit is a bit silly, should have given us a full level at least :/

Your timers are off, the unit you should be sending is ms (seconds*1000), no matter how long I play I get only a few ms of score.

Also, the piano notes loop, but there's no metronome so there's no discernable tempo.

The limited range, looping problems, and lack of background tracks makes this difficult to enjoy. At least the on screen keys could have been tap/click-able; you're using Construct 2 so it would be effortless to make this a mobile game.

This could be pretty neat with a few updates. Keep working!

I really enjoyed it! The style is cute, and I love level editors. This was a lot of fun!

I love this, but DAMN it's hard. Just like the real warzone!

Ignore ninjaforce, it's just some dumb childish troll who stans FnF and flames anything that ISN'T FnF. The cum sock remark made me laugh.

This game is great! I wish there were medals and a leaderboard, but it's fun regardless! The art and music are pleasing :)

MoeAnguish responds:

Thanks! and happy to make you laugh, lol.

I'm actually considering adding medals and the like to my future games, since it's something i've always wanted to do but didn't have the time to look into.

Awesome game! I love the music, art, and gameplay! Perfect little retro game :) I don't like speedrunning things so I played on zen mode.

The only issue I have is that WASD has no appropriate sprint button. Why not make left shift sprint so I can play one handed? Z is a weird angle to have my finger on with WASD. Other than that, great game guys!

Also, the bass that plays in the beginning sounds like the bassline from when the viva pinata animals are having freaky pinata sex LMAO

LeviRamirez responds:

not a bad idea, I can get that in soon! Thanks for the feedback and glad you liked it! :)

The lack of the sound at the beginning messed with me lol, I was relieved when the music finally kicked in.

Looking forward to coming back daily this year! I missed out on the previous ones.

A fun little physics sandbox!

Chazzwazzler responds:

Thank you for reviewing! I'm glad you like it.

This is fun! I couldn't figure out all of the medals, but I successfully made and submitted a game! Neat little game :)

I love creating, and I love collaborating! Feel free to hit me up if you wanna make something cool :)

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