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larrynachos's News

Posted by larrynachos - September 22nd, 2021



Happy Madness Day 2021 everyone! To celebrate, I've created a game with the help of @teravex, @yurikadry, and @spazgunk! It's inspired by Pico Roulette and plays very similarly, but with the addition of level progression and cosmetic customization options! It also features... ONLINE MULTIPLAYER!!!

There are 50 tiers to start, for the first "season". We have big plans for this game and intend to update it, so feel free to leave feedback and suggestions!

I also had the pleasure of producing the main theme with @dieswyx! Give it a listen:

I hope you enjoy the stuff I've made, and have a merry madness day!



Posted by larrynachos - August 19th, 2021



I bought my friend @YuriKadry a game, so he made me this <3 Thank you so much Yuri!

If you haven't already, play Eggtopia: Critter Collector!

It was a game I made with Yuri and @teravex for the NG Egg game jam! It's pretty basic, but I love the pet system, music, and creature design! Felt like it kinda went under the radar, but I think it's worth a quick play!

Creator/Content Spotlight

(Some cool stuff I saw recently)

Coming Up Next...

...and perhaps a project with you? If you're an artist/animator with a 2d game idea, feel free to hit me up! I want to start making quality games from now on, but it's hard to do that with stock assets I find online (I can't draw lmao). Certain projects I'll do for free, complicated projects may require compensation (or might just be rejected outright if I'm incapable of making it). I work in Construct 3 now, so I'm capable of making web games, standalone games, and android games!

Okay that's all for now. I just kinda wanted to gas up Yuri for being so talented and kinda got carried away. Have a good day NG!



Posted by larrynachos - July 25th, 2021


Welcome to Eggtopia!

  • Play games to earn coins!
  • Use coins to hatch Egglings!
  • Collect all 20!
  • Earn coins over time by caring for your Egglings at home!

Howdy Newgrounds! For the Newgrounds Egg Game Jam, I've teamed up with @Teravex and @YuriKadry to create Eggtopia: Critter Collector! My intention was to make a sort of neopets/tamogachi hybrid game where you could hatch critters and care for them, while also exploring a world and playing minigames.

We had to reduce the scope of the idea for the sake of the time constraint, but there were a ton of really fun ideas we wanted! There was going to be a training gym and arena, where you could teach attacks to your egglings to use in online multiplayer pokemon-esque combat! There would also be a lot more locations and minigames to play. We'd like to make a full version of this game someday, so hopefully we can make this game everything we wanted it to be! Let us know if you'd be interested!

For now, play through 4 minigames to earn coins! Use those coins to hatch eggs! Can you collect all 20 creatures? Make sure to check up on them at home from time to time, doing so gives you more coins!



Posted by larrynachos - June 20th, 2021

I got to contribute a couple tracks for BLOOD MOON, a game by Plufmot and Stepford! It's the perfect blend of simplicity and replayability! Can you build a shelter in time? There are some nasty things that go bump in the night!



Posted by larrynachos - May 18th, 2021

Sorry for not posting any news for over a month, but I didn't feel like I had anything important to say.

Pico's Arcade 1.1 Update!

It's not much, but I spent a good chunk of time today working on a slot machine. I hope yall enjoy it! I've officially scrapped the Alien Hominid, Impossible Game, and Game Builder minigames, and tbh I think Pico's Arcade is reaching the end of it's life so I'm not sure how many more updates I'll be making. I have a few rough ideas but no assets, and honestly I'm directing my attention towards future projects that I want to make with patience and polish.

Thanks to everyone who played and provided feedback for Pico's Arcade!

1K Fans!!! Thank You All So Much!

When I created this account in 2013, my goal was to reach 1000 fans. The first few years saw some decent growth, about 100 a year. Then my growth declined for a few years, but this year it exploded with the release of Pico's Arcade! I've gotten more followers in the past 2 months than I have in the past few years, and I can't thank you all enough! I hope I can keep you all entertained with my future content! What would you like to see from me in 2021-2022?

What's Next

  • I have a few solo game projects in limbo that need finishing or scrapping, a 2D version of SuperHot that still needs levels designed, a 3D zombie shooter that runs terribly in webgl builds, and two potential sequels to Billy Bob. I don't feel very motivated to work on any of these because they're sloppy and unpolished (as is my signature style apparently lol), so I think I might just throw them in the trash and focus on more promising projects worth my time and effort.

  • @Icy64, @TeraVex and I have begun preproduction on the sequel to Mina Miner: Dig Deep! We're taking our time with it, so it'll be a while yet, but our brainstorming sessions are very promising and I'm excited to start development!

  • I've been fiddling with VR in Unity, might make something cool idk ;)

  • Music-wise, I don't have much going on. I'm gonna make an effort to work on albums as a whole coherent concept, instead of making one song at a time until I have ~10 and just slapping some art on it and calling it an album. If you missed it, check out this dope DnB track I made for Pico Day! It's a slapper :3

Wanna Make a Game? Hit Me Up!

I'm eager to work on more projects, but my lack of artistic ability leaves me limited by the assets I can cobble up from the web. If you're an artist/animator with a game idea and want to make it a reality, let me know! If it's within my skill range, we can get to work immediately :3

Follow These Peeps

Now that I'm r̶i̶c̶h̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶f̶a̶m̶o̶u̶s̶ moderately successful, I gotta try and boost my music buddies! It's kind of criminal that these people haven't hit 1K fans yet, so make it happen 🆖ang!






If you don't follow them, I will find you and I will make you >:(

Okay bye love you <3



Posted by larrynachos - April 8th, 2021



Play Newgrounds-themed minigames, earn coins and collect stickers!

I know it's still a month till Pico Day, but I wanted to gather feedback and make a few updates before the big day!

There are currently 7 minigames, with more probably on the way! There are also plenty of medals and scoreboards to keep you busy! Enjoy!



Posted by larrynachos - March 16th, 2021

Something is Sus...

Howdy 🆖gang! I just released a new game: Among Us 3D!

Can you finish your tasks before the impostor gets you?



Posted by larrynachos - February 28th, 2021

Whoooo 900 fans, thank you all so much!

I don't have a whole lot to say, just thanks to everyone who listened to my music, played my games, provided feedback, and supported me over the years! Can we hit 1k before the end of the year? :3


I haven't been up to much these past couple weeks. I've been meaning to continue updating Newgrounds Arcade and Mina Miner, but I'm kind of drained creatively right now. I'm taking some time to level up my skills a bit, playing a little guitar, piano, bass, or drums each day. Not creating anything publishable, just practicing a bit. I reconnected with my old music buddy @xwhitexflamex, and we're planning some neat musical collabs so get hyped for that!

If you haven't listened to Kyle's music before, he's a great guitarist! He's only gotten better with time, but check out some of his older songs! They hold a special place in my heart <3


Let me make stuff for you!

Need custom music for your game or animation? Are you an artist with a 2d game idea? Let's work together! I'd love to have paid work, but I'm also down to just collaborate with more people :) Check out my audio backlog for examples of what music I can make, and refer to my games for an idea of what I'm capable of (I'm still an amateur so I can't guarantee it'll be a polished final project but I'll do my darndest!). I'd like to collaborate with more rappers, I have a ton of unused beats and I very much enjoyed my collaborations with @cyberdevil and @fornoreason :3

Ok bye, thanks again love you all <3



Posted by larrynachos - January 29th, 2021


Last year, I joined forces with @Icy64 to create a game. I brought my music buddy @TeraVex along with to funk it up with his magical music, and together we've created Mina Miner: Dig Deep!

After months of development, we're finally ready to show you what we've made! Mina Miner: Dig Deep follows a similar structure to breakout, but with unique blocks, powerups, hazards, and challenges! After you've beaten Adventure Mode, try the levels in Party Mode for a randomized version of the level! If that's not enough, you can create your own levels and share them! Or further quench your thirst for victory in the multiplayer VS arena! Oh, and did I mention this game works on mobile?

I hope you enjoy our game! We'll update the game with fixes and requested features for a while, but we're already planning a much different, way cooler sequel! Stay tuned :)



Posted by larrynachos - January 27th, 2021

Logged on today to see that I've reached 800 fans! Huge thanks to everyone for supporting me over the years, and thanks to @galaxygamerofficial for being Mr. 800!

I wonder how quickly I could get to 900, or even 1000! 2021 goals? We'll see!


I'm still juggling quite a few game projects. One should be entering beta phase soon, and releasing hopefully mid-febuary! Another one just needs music and level design, but I'm too lazy to do either right now. I just started the sequel to Billy Bob, which should be much more interesting than the first one! I've been taking a break from NGA, but I think I'll have to push an update soon because the pinball tables are too easy atm.

Stay cool NGang!