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I wonder if people are just downvoting youtuber animateds now, there's no reason this should be 3 stars. The animation is great! You even spliced together different segments to create a unique story! There's some creative camera work going on too. Damn those downvoters >:(

ShmeargleArt responds:

Thank you so much! I understand it's very short and simple- I'm happy with three stars ^^
I'm really glad you noticed that I made a lil edit of the audio and stuff, that makes me really proud!

Seeing calvin and hobbes animated warms my heart <3 and such a comfy scene too!

I remember watching the ones you did in 2013, so glad you made another one!

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I love this, but DAMN it's hard. Just like the real warzone!

Ignore ninjaforce, it's just some dumb childish troll who stans FnF and flames anything that ISN'T FnF. The cum sock remark made me laugh.

This game is great! I wish there were medals and a leaderboard, but it's fun regardless! The art and music are pleasing :)

MoeAnguish responds:

Thanks! and happy to make you laugh, lol.

I'm actually considering adding medals and the like to my future games, since it's something i've always wanted to do but didn't have the time to look into.

Awesome game! I love the music, art, and gameplay! Perfect little retro game :) I don't like speedrunning things so I played on zen mode.

The only issue I have is that WASD has no appropriate sprint button. Why not make left shift sprint so I can play one handed? Z is a weird angle to have my finger on with WASD. Other than that, great game guys!

Also, the bass that plays in the beginning sounds like the bassline from when the viva pinata animals are having freaky pinata sex LMAO

LeviRamirez responds:

not a bad idea, I can get that in soon! Thanks for the feedback and glad you liked it! :)

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I really enjoyed listening to this! Very chill, keep em coming :D

Nice! Are you actually gonna sing, or are the lyrics just for our imagination?

I feel like this song could be more than a solo piano piece, at least throw a lil orchestra in there :) Personally, I think it would sound neat to have ambient electronic pads in the background as well.

Seprix responds:

lyrics are just for imagination, I don't have any clue if it even fits the song structure. Just felt right, and well that's what I wrote. It was a melody floating in my head this morning and I just played it out, and one day I'll probably reuse it for something.

Gorgeous track! Loved every second of it :)

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Nice work! The only issue I see is that the horns look like they're sprouting from the hair, instead of the hair lying over the horns. Other than that, great art!

Dude's got some serious scoliosis, but great drawing!

Icy64 responds:

Yeah, I didnt know how to do the posing for him, I'm not used to drawing characters with there spine on full display

Very nice! You're pretty good at shading and cloth wrinkling :) The only issue I see is that the second one's arms are inconsistent. One is skinny, the other one baggy. The baggy one seems more fitting, so maybe her right arm should be thicker? Just some thoughts, great work!

Icy64 responds:

I think the issue with the thinner arm is its supposed to be further away from the angle she's standing at but looking at it again It just looks weird, Thanks for pointing it out

I love creating, and I love collaborating! Don't be afraid to hit me up :)

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