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TheDukeOfJuke returns!

JojoTully responds:

Hiya, buddy ^-^

Dreamy :D Quarl you are killing it this year!

Quarl responds:

Thank you ☺️

AAAA The piano is so cute!! Plucks my dang heartstrings. Mixed with the choir vox, mmm <3

I wish I'd known about jamuary, although I have an absurd amount of irl stuff to get through so I haven't been able to sit down and just make something lately ;-;

Awesome track!~

Quarl responds:

Irl is always the most important thing to take care of. Keep a roof over your head, know where your next meal is coming from, brush your teeth, do taxes. I happen to be in a situation that lets me put aside a good chunk of time everyday to write but it's certainly not normal and I'm genuinely hoping this 30 day goal doesn't concern my fiance...

Regardless, it's always good to hear from you nacho. Thank you for appreciating this one, kind words feed the desire to keep writing :3

Incredible track <3 the source material is sooo good, and you gave it a very powerful flavor! Maybe 2022 is the year we finally collab hmm? Maybe not too soon but soon ish >:)

Also, killer new pfp!

Quarl responds:

I'm always down to try collaboration. I usually warn people not to get upset if nothing comes from the effort but there's no harm in starting things and seeing where it goes. MIDI can be implemented easily, wav samples and stems are classic remix/collab tools. If there's anything you want from me, let me know and I can accommodate a stem folder or MIDI files :D

really pretty, I love it! <3

Gorgeous work :)


I didn't know you were on Newgrounds! I've been listening to the Water Elemental ep on a loop all week 🤩 Such incredible work!

Great work! Trippy, with a bit of unsettling atmosphere!

It's odd, stumbling onto ancient audio submissions like this. Hope you're doing good, whoever you are :)

Oh hell yes, this rocks! Only gets me more excited to play with this pack!

You've done a great job here! It'd be a lot of fun to start hearing your samples in other people's work 🤩

ADR3-N responds:

YES! Initially I was making these sounds all for myself, trying to fill gaps in my library and simplify work flow. When it occurred to me other people might actually want them, I about flipped haha

Your voice is still gorgeous <3 Great track! Happy bday!

Jacob responds:

And wouldn't you know it, you're still gorgeous too. :*
Thank you!

🎮 I make game
🎧 I make music
I love creating, and I love collaborating! Feel free to hit me up if you wanna make something cool :)
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