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larrynachos's News

Posted by larrynachos - June 10th, 2013

Hey Hey Hey! summer time! Time to be productive! imma make a bunch of games and songs and-

*animal crossing, new leaf is released*

*i don't do anything for the rest of the summer/year/lifetime.*

okay, so i want to make some stuff, but i'm a bit short on inspiration, so bleh.

Posted by larrynachos - May 5th, 2013

So, i'm pretty fed up with all of the games i've developed. I recently released my newest (and best) game, but some users can't manage to get past the level selection screen, and to those people, i applaud you, for giving me a shitty review on a glitch that's your computer's fault.

calm down, nachos.

also, i've never gotten around to updating puzzle jumper, so i'm thinking of just deleting it and re-uploading it once i've gotten somewhere decent.

coin collector is stopped, because for people who play alone, i need to develop AI for the second player. also, i want to make a story mode.

panda slaughter apperantly "makes poop look good", but guys, that game was a joke. i developed it in 13 hours. i'm not going to put a lot of effort into something that might get banned just for it's concept.

to round things off, throughout this year, i'm going to be releasing games, music, and animations as tribute to this year being the year of luigi. this months tribute: luigi's mansion ghost hunting game.


Posted by larrynachos - May 3rd, 2013

Posted by larrynachos - April 29th, 2013

Okay, i'm currently developing yet ANOTHER game, and this one might take the cake. It's a zombie defense game, and i'm really looking forward to releasing it, but i need some opinions from the community.

1.) i have no name for it. any ideas? i don't want to call it "zombie defense". it sounds so lame.

2.) would you like to see a "backup" system, where every so often you could call in a few AI bots to shoot up some zombies with you?

3.) as vague as i've been so far, are there any features you want to see in this game?

i hope to hear from all of you!

(screenshot won't upload. i'll try again later. try this link here.)

UPDATE: oh dear... i've been brainstorming the scripts for the AI bot, and i've already run into some major holes. if enough people want it, though, i'll figure it out.

Posted by larrynachos - April 23rd, 2013

my god, has it been an exhausting start to my week! I released two games, one of which was despised by everyone, and the other was removed my the moderation team.

I downloaded a free trial of flash, so i'll be animating some more (don't worry, this time i'll do more than just tweening). I have a few ideas in mind, so i'll try to finish them before my trial expires.

Music is another thing on my list of things to do. i've lost my guitar pick, so i've been tearing my room apart while looking for a spare, but with no luck, so I can't start recording my album for a bit, but i'll be working on some electronic stuff while i'm at it.

coin collector has been stopped for now, puzzle jumper is becoming more of a priority (i havent updated it like i said i would). i'm also working on a life simulation game, but i've run into hundreds of problems, so that will take forever.

cheers, and see you all later!

Posted by larrynachos - April 22nd, 2013

So, i recently released my second game, panda slaughter, and I got a lot of negative feedback. from the controls being rubbish to the graphics being horrible. My other game (puzzle jumper) also got hit with the bad results, as people were telling me that it was "pointless" and "broken". I also had released an animation, which everyone was shouting at. Am i really that terrible? i've just begun seriously developing content, and people expect professional results. The only positive feedback i've gotten is on my music, which makes me really happy (i love when people like my creations ^_^), but it still hurts me to see all of the "wtf did i just play" and "get off of newgrounds faggot" posts.

Posted by larrynachos - April 14th, 2013

I've been working on so many things lately, so i decided just to take the time to improve puzzle jumper a bit.

I'm still fixing the levels! the snap to grid feature is so darn inefficient.

B.O.B. IS BEING TREATED WITH PLATFORMPLUS! his movement will be much easier to control.


Posted by larrynachos - April 7th, 2013

so i was in the chat, which just so happened to be filled with sex-obsessed maniacs. So i posted a thread asking if any "mature" people were still out there.

but mistake, eh?

holy shit, you would not believe.

they came out of the shadows. angry wolves, and entire pack of them.

and immediatly started ripping at me with their "knowledge of the internet"

I would rant more, but i've seriously got to get to work on some of my flash projects, but

lesson learned: don't share your opinions on the internet.


Posted by larrynachos - March 30th, 2013

So, march is almost over. thank god!

oh wait, i have to WORK this weekend.

*screams in agony*

okay, so aside from real life crap, i'm being swamped with projects. looks like i really bit off more than i could chew.

no srsly guys. this slab of meat is lodged in my throat.



halp. pls.

okay jokes aside, i've got a billion projects to do, and i'm using free trials of stuff, so time is of the essence.

1. i'm re-doing puzzlejumper.
I've decided i've had enough of the constructive criticizem, so i'm re drawing all of the level designs in a completly different format. It's not fun.

2. I'm working on another 2 games.
I'm working on another html5 game, along with a flash game. The flash game is Renegade shooter. it's a really great game, and i'm sure you guys will like it. the second game is a game i haven't started yet: it's called coin collector: rpg. read my forum post.

3. I've got 2-3 animations on the way.
as soon as fulp fixes my account so my animations will publish, i'll be releasing a series of animations i've been working on.

- Logan and steve: episodes 1 and 2
-Logan in minecraft episode 1


Posted by larrynachos - March 25th, 2013

So, after a few years of just messing around newgrounds, i finally came to my senses and got an account. i've only posted 1 song so far, but i intend on releasing more music, plus games and animations.

until next time: larynachos out.