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Oh shit that sucks :\
welp, hope you get that fixed,
and I want to but a WiiU but speakers come first so...

Speakers always come first.

Just let me know if you get a wiiU :D

Yo, I had this exact same problem with my laptop.
Good chance that Windows updated your drivers through Windows Update, yknow.

Good chance that if you just go to your device manager, select your soundcard, and
roll back the driver, it'll start working again. I know it sounds crazy for the driver to affect whether or not the speakers shut off when something's plugged in, but that's how it went on my laptop.

Bought a damn USB sound card to replace it before I found out what the real problem was. lol

Good luck!

Nah, I've tried all of that stuff, and it didn't work. I'm assuming it's a hardware issue.

Fair enough but just in case, have you tried the manufacturer-specific original drivers?
Cause I swear I went through about 50 drivers that should have been the correct one.
Then just totally by chance I put in the original driver on my next format, and voila.
Haven't let it update drivers since. haha. If it's a broken headphone jack, that's lame...

Yup, it's a broken headphone jack. My only options now are:

- Get usb headphones

- Puncture my speakers so they don't produce sound (so the only sound comes through my headphones)

- Get a new laptop

(Repairing the headphone jack isn't really an option. Getting a new laptop would make more sense because this laptop is dying anyways)

Damn. I'd say definitely go with usb headphones or a usb soundcard, those are usually fine even without paying much (less than a lot of usb headsets) Only thing I hated about it was how they jut out the side and use more battery life than internal soundcards. Or at least the cheapo I got seemed to.

How's that about the laptop dying? Usually easy to keep 'em going unless there's a sudden hardware failure. My old bitch of a laptop is from '05. Had to replace the hinges, max the RAM, and apply new thermal paste. Not often that a computer will gradually die. Keep 'em cool & clean and they can usually last 10+ years.

I'm currently looking into a usb adapter, so I won't have to buy new headphones.

I don't think the hardware is the problem. Somewhere in the operating system things got messed up. Windows updates always fails to install, and a lot of registry things are screwed up cause I messed with some windows settings (on accident).

Your best bet with fixing any registry and Windows trouble is going to your command prompt and running this command: sfc /scannow

It's some sort of a system scan that makes sure all the windows files are correct and working and such as that. And it automatically fixes problems if it finds any. Takes about 10 minutes to complete if I remember right. But who knows, that might help you out, whether it fixes the sound or not.


I'm planning on gettin a WiiU soon to play the games I've been missing out on, so I'll remember to add ya.

Also, are you getting the new Smash Bros. game?

I plan on getting smash 4 for both the 3ds and the WiiU

I was saying I'm making the soundtrack to a game right now, and I have 4 instrumentals I need to make for people, AND I'm busy with school right now, so it will be while before I get any new music out.
I also have a WiiU and Mario Kart 8, my ID is mariokart814.

What kind of name is that lol XD

I'll add you. Can't wait to hear the soundtrack!

Have you tried messing around with hardware audio settings? Managing which devices play what? I remember having something similar but it was a real simple fix, can't remember what I did or what I did to solve it though...

Oh, welcome back! :D

Since it's a line in, it isn't it's own device. I'm 100% certain it's a hardware issue, because when I plug any headphones in, there's no bass and everything sounds really dry.

Just gotta get a usb soundcard adapter and I should be good to go :)

Thanks dude ^^


Slow down, weeaboo, I haven't finished learning hiragana yet.

You're back- wait, no you're not.

I might be back. Christmas break is in a few days.

Just got a Wii U. Do you use Miiverse?

Don't use Miiverse much, but I do have a nintendo account. Send a request to "larynachos". What's your username?

I'm cga-999 both here and there.


You made UOTD over at http://www.wkrconcepts.com/nglogs/index.php today, congrats!

:D Oh wow, that's awesome!

....and today again?! That is so weird! When old guys talk about coincidences like this, they say, "You'd better play the lottery."

Oh wow, again? I must be hacking.