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Hey all! It's been a while since I've dabbled in game development, but here's a project I never thought would see the light of day. It's fully functional, although it probably looks like more of a proof of concept. I would appreciate you all trying it out and letting me know if a game like it (But more fleshed out) would be fun. Thanks!

My New Album Is Out!

2017-05-30 14:05:54 by larrynachos

What's up NG? I just finished my latest album Indigo, which you can pick up FOR FREE (or pay what you want) over on Bandcamp. It includes remasters of some of the tracks, so hopefully the songs sound more coherent together as a collective.


This album is probably my best-sounding work so far. I dipped my fingers into a lot of new styles and actually paid attention to the mixing. To be honest, I think I've started getting good at music producing. Anyhoo, won't keep you for too long. Just do me a favor and listen to the album, would you? Thanks!

Four Years On NG! Love you guys!

2017-03-25 22:12:27 by larrynachos

I'm almost a week late, but last Monday marked my fourth year here on Newgrounds. Thought that was pretty neat. I've improved a lot since I first started, for sure. I wanna take a moment to shout out my OG Newgrounds peeps:

@thatawkwardkid was the first friend I ever had. He introduced me to animating (which I never picked up, but I tried lol). We made a really bad collab and haven't done much together since. Still remember u tho buddy. He and @bobiethe11th were really the first guys I knew here.


@Cacola and @TeraVex were the  first musicians I ever collaborated with. We really grew up together as musicians. I can't wait until we work on  more Techno Trio tracks together!


@ikerion a good musician that I think I scouted. He reviews my tracks sometimes and posts music that I dig so yeah he's p chill.


@etherealwinds is also a musician friend, but we talked a lot more and about deeper stuff. Pretty cool dude and also incredibly talented musician!


Probably forgot a lot of people. S/o to @solfias for scouting me. You really sent me on my way lol. Love you guys! Also, 400 fans yayy!

Musician of the Week #11: weird inside (+updates)

2017-02-27 13:12:33 by larrynachos


Slow hours is probably my favourite, followed by breathing. This is a really good artist!

As you probably didn't notice, my remix contest ended last week. The winner was @Demon-Wolf! Congrats, and enjoy the $50. I'll think of a more enticing premise for the next one.

Not a lot of music coming out, going through stuff. Side project that nobody would care about.

Could you spare a dollar a month? I don't want to work at McDonald's anymore.

Only 8 more fans until we're 400 strong! I really want to start a community, but nobody talks to me :( If you're more comfortable on another platform, hit me up on youtube or soundcloud or something, I'm pretty active over there too.

ok bye

Who wants $50 (musicians)

2017-02-02 08:16:29 by larrynachos


A little under a week left, but if you're bored to death here you go. Gonna do more small challenges in the future if this goes well.


bye i love you

First Track of 2017!

2017-01-14 21:52:57 by larrynachos


Give it a listen and tell me what you think! I've definitely improved over the last year!

p.s. i love you <3


Particle Mace: LFZTY-J8B84-MM8JD Splatter: 599N3-LLRKI-MVJ6T Fragile Ball: H6K88-ZBX2Q-BXJDG Spaceport Hope: WGKZ7-XE209-BWJ0E Greyfox: 8PL5B-LQB25-6V6F7 Howler: 36WQW-25QIV-0VLIH Camera Obscura: BWCK4-NEBKP-CX4L4 Saviors: LCP0Y-QK6JK-RPMQ6 The Hat Man: 273VA-PGATF-IHBNA Beep: 4W3XM-WEVI4-L3EQ6
Polarity: M0KF4-BBPCT-8AJT5 Fragile Ball: 6NX92-08564-52NMY Greyfox: PTBKK-3PRLG-YZQV5 Saviors: 23ZCZ-VEV82-6HIC3 Spaceport Hope: 4ZRKV-MPEMH-CCTAC 

My Friend Made An Album + Christmas Key Hunt

2016-12-11 21:32:43 by larrynachos

Hey all! Haven't made a post in a while, but I saw that @Teravex released his new album Amethyst so I thought I'd shine a spotight on it for him. He's one of my oldest musician buddiest here on NG, and he's been around since 2013 but still hasn't reached 100 fans like @Cacola and myself. Let's fix that. His newest album has a lot of tasty house jams. My personal favorite track from the Amethyst is Skylights currently. Listen to the album here:



&lt;a href=""&gt;Amethyst by TeraVex&lt;/a&gt;

Also merry christmas. I got a bunch of steam keys, so I'm gonna be dropping them in random places, like videos on my youtube channels, in the descriptions of some of my older songs, and maybe other more obscure places???



Best of 2016? (Help!)

2016-11-08 00:57:32 by larrynachos

2016 is swiftly coming to a close, so I've begun looking back and reflecting on my music and how I've evolved over the year. To start, I'm going back and listening to every track I've released. I plan on making a youtube video discussing my growth over the past year, and my goals for the future.


However, I'm really terrible at analyzing and criticising myself so I'm turning to my fans for help! Let me know how I did in 2016. What was your favorite track? Have my changes in terms of branding and marketing made any noticeable difference? Have I been engaging with my fans as much as I have been? Am I treating you guys alright? What do you want to see more of in the future? I want to know! Leave me some comments down below, let me know your thoughts. 


I've made a playlist of my personal favorite tracks of 2016. Give em a listen here:


P.S. Anyone here play xbone? I blew my paycheck on one last week to play with my console friends. If you want me to add you, leave a comment or message me with your xbox gamertag! Mine's larynachos (one R, I made the account when I was a wee lad). All I have for it so far is Halo Master Chief Collection, Halo 5, and Naruto UNS4 (fuckin love this game lol).


Peace out guys! Talk to you soon :)

Pushing My Patreon (+Vaporwave Goodness)

2016-10-17 15:43:12 by larrynachos

Hey everyone! I just wanted to make a quick post to say that if you want to support me, the best way would be to donate $1 monthly via my Patreon. If every fan donated just $1 a month, I would be able to quit my job at McDonald's and make music ALL THE TIME. I have a lot of cool ideas right now, but the shift manager keeps giving me 11 hour shifts (11-10), and it's hard to find time to create, which forces me to rush my work and shelve my ideas.


The rewards and stuff are just something I came up with on the spot, so don't feel obligated to pay more than $1 a month because I'll probably give all of my patreons all of the rewards. Even the smallest bit helps!



Also, you guys like vaporwave? I tried my hand at it today and I'm pretty happy with the results.


Also, go follow @Cacola. He's an incredible musician.

I just wrapped up my latest album last night! Listen to it here on Newgrounds, or on Soundcloud via the embed below:



The downloads are free on Newgrounds, but if you're feeling generous you can buy the album on Bandcamp or support me on Patreon. That would help me out a lot. Thanks!