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290 Fans! + Bad News

Posted by larrynachos - June 12th, 2016

Thanks to @cyberdevil and @1000bucklesofvictory for being fans 289 & 290. You guys rock!


Also, I have some bad news. My computer died, so I can't compose music for a bit. If the hard drive is fubar, any and all projects I have out right now will be cancelled. I'm staying optimistic about it, since my last computer failure still allowed me to recover some data.

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That's a bummer, I can imagine how frustrated you must be :(

Also, congrats on the fan count c:

Damn, that sucks.

They always say 'save often' but what they need to say is 'save often ...in triplicate!'

Makes me want to cry when I think about all the stuff I've lost over the years :'( ...I have a back-up drive for my back-up drive now.

Hope you're able to recover everything *fingers crossed*


Congrats on the fans, and shame about teh computer! Hope the data's not lost, but if it is - backups? With this ransomware wave going around it seems all the more important to keep a copy now. There's some good cloud backup sites too. Free ones. Like Mega.

I had prepared a zip of all my fl projects, but I never uploaded it >< my last zip is from 2/9/16

Thanks, and thanks for the advice!

That sucks! Hope your computer will be back in action in time for contest season. ;)

If I miss AIM I'm quitting NG lol.

Also, NGAU this year?

I feel your pain. :( Hoping and praying for a case of not-fubar.

Computer is fubar, but hard drive is salvageable. Just have to buy a new desktop now. Not too worried about it lol. Thanks!

Man, technology can be a real roundhouse kick to the balls sometimes! D: Hope you manage to salvage your files and get it all squared away soon.

I wish you much luck and a hearty congratulations for hitting (and subsequently passing) 290 fans!

Can't wait till computers are perfected and never crash or break. This time is was so out of the blue, too ><


What da heck happened to the computer? It ain't even been all that long...are you sure it's dead?? D:
Congrats on the 290, man! I will try to shove an extra 10 your way! lol

It was a hand me down of one of my moms old computers, so it was bound to die quickly.

Thanks! Looking forward to hitting 300! :D

that really sucks :( I've had terrible luck with that and have lost tons of recordings, projects, and scores. Not that this helps now, but I'd suggest checking out something like carbon copy cloner or something similar. It will automatically backup your data as often as you want and creates a bootable partition (unlike apple's time machine). If you're in the middle of a project and your hd goes caput, you can boot from the external and continue working.

Oh wow, that's a really good idea! I'll have to look into that once I have my new computer. Thanks for the advice!

&quot;NGAU this year?&quot;

---&gt; Yeah! I'm currently recruiting judges and refining the rules. It should start sometime next week. ;D

Rock on, looking forward to it. I have to wait probably another two weeks for my computer because yesterday's check was puny, so idk if I'll have time to make anything.

Well, you don't have to make a brand new piece for tryouts, so you're probably good until around mid-July. ;)

Rock on, sounds good. Wonder what genre I'll choose this year?

SD cards are all the rage. They make them in 128GB size these days, shouldn't be more than $50. And if you want help with mixing in the future, let me know.

That's not good. If you can still recover your computer data that would be lit but if you can't new computer would be awaiting. May I suggest a Getting a Gateway DX. It's standard issue with a high quad processor Core i5 which hasn't failed me at all and 8GB Memory at your disposal and 1TB HDD. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Gateway-DX4831-Intel-Core-i5-750-2-67GHz-8GB-DDR3-RAM-1TB-HDD-HDMI-Tower-/252432291774?hash=item3ac62317be:g:DxcAAOSwzJ5XaEFj

http://www.microcenter.com/product/444946/G414_Desktop_Computer Already got this today. Thanks for the suggestions though!

That's even Better! See I only upgraded the processor, Graphics card, and RAM. I got an Core i5 Processor along with the GX750 GeForce Nividia GC. I'm running 8GB RAM. I also upgraded the fan to a giant 12V liquid cooling system. You got it better and cheaper though cuz I spent $1500 in upgrades lol.