Working on yet another game!

2014-01-13 19:58:54 by larrynachos

Oh man, it's like I DON'T have a million other games to work on.


Check out my new game! So far, all I can do is fly around as a helicopter and shoot tanks that shoot at you. I plan on implementing the following features:


- PLAY as the tank

- PLAY as a jet

- MULTIPLAYER (second player plays a tank, jet, helicopter, or a soldier)

- DIFFERENT GAME MODES (Campaign, Multiplayer Campaign, Survival, Zombies/Aliens, Team Death Match, Elimination, etc...)


It's safe to say that I'm going to put a lot of effort into this game, and I might need help, so if you have construct 2 (I have r139), feel free to contribute!



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2014-01-13 20:19:13

Dude! Are you seriously doing multiplayer!

I heard you can use Hamachi for those kinda things.

larrynachos responds:

No, not online multiplayer. That's wayyyyyyy too advanced for me. It's just going to be local multiplayer (player 1 has WASD, player 2 has arrow keys). If I knew how to make it online multiplayer, I would. I don't think construct 2 is capable of online multiplayer functionality.


2014-01-13 23:06:49

Good luck man! If you ever need help with anything, let me know.

larrynachos responds:

You any good at cinematic action music?


2014-01-13 23:56:25

this game looks sick!
i could help you i have construct but i'm a little to busy for working on another project right now

larrynachos responds:

It's cool.