[almost] 40 fan milestone!

2013-12-10 22:16:17 by larrynachos

Well, I missed the 30 fan milestone, so I decided to celebrate the 40 fan milestone early.


I'm at 36 fans now. Honestly, I never thought I'd make it this far in under a year. I had never touched a sampler program until this year, when I got fl studio. And here we are, nearing the end of 2013. I've made so many songs, released an album, collabed with people, made some friends... It's amazing when you find your passion. Your creative juices flow out like crazy, and you produce ample amounts of quality content in a short period of time.


Unfortunately, I think I've completely exhausted my creative inspiration. I haven't released an original song in months. I had to bail out of a collab because I couldn't make anything for my part.


I'm worried that making music was just a phase, and that my brain will completely erode the will to compose. I want to continue making music, but I can't come up with any full songs. How do you guys think I should handle this?



I made a single melody in november. You can listen to it here: 




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2013-12-10 22:19:52


larrynachos responds:

Cheers, man :)


2013-12-10 23:55:28

NICE *followed

larrynachos responds:

*unfollowed, then followed again* XD


2013-12-11 14:29:37

Congrats! Still trying to get to 30 myself.
Although I can live with 20 followers, I have to get there first.