Ben Drowned: The Game

2013-10-20 19:22:29 by larrynachos

So, because I couldn't think of any musical riffs for Halloween, I've decided to make a game based on one of my favorite creepypastas: Ben Drowned.

I'm working in Rpg maker vx ace, so sadly, I can't embed the game onto newgrounds, but I'll make sure to share it with all of you in some format!

Here's the trailer I made with what I have so far:

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I hope I can get a lot of moral support! I've been giving up on a lot of good projects recently :P


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2013-10-20 19:24:30

You can have all my moral support

larrynachos responds:

Yusssss :D


2013-10-20 23:44:13

Send me a PM whenever this is out.

larrynachos responds:

You'll be the first to know, man :)


2013-10-21 18:22:13

I'm really excited man, cant wait! :D

larrynachos responds:

Yeah, man! I just fixed a game-ending bug that had me tearing my hair out yesterday. I'm right on schedule!


2013-10-22 15:46:54

Please pm or email me When this is released Im super interested

larrynachos responds:

Awesome! I'll make sure to tell you :)