Reviving the blue phoenix

2013-06-24 23:44:04 by larrynachos

Okay guys, i just took on the biggest project so far this summer.

I tried to revive the blue phoenix.
oh, let me explain. The blue phoenix is a band i made in 4th grade. It was a small rock band, and it was disbanded quickly, due to none of us knowing how to play any instruments (and to add to that, we didn't HAVE any instruments).

Now that i've grown older, and now in high school, I've decided to revive it, but as a solo thing for me, just to give me a name better than just larrynachos (who's gonna buy music from someone named larrynachos, eh?). I'm trying to make a career out of the music i love to create, but it requires your support. Check out I just started it, so not everything is professional looking, but just look at it, and if you like my songs (i only have two so far), why not become a fan? If i can manage this correctly, I could actually profit, and have some real MONEY that i can use once i'm an adult, for college and stuff.

so just think about it, alright guys?


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