m-m-may update!

2013-05-05 10:00:35 by larrynachos

So, i'm pretty fed up with all of the games i've developed. I recently released my newest (and best) game, but some users can't manage to get past the level selection screen, and to those people, i applaud you, for giving me a shitty review on a glitch that's your computer's fault.

calm down, nachos.

also, i've never gotten around to updating puzzle jumper, so i'm thinking of just deleting it and re-uploading it once i've gotten somewhere decent.

coin collector is stopped, because for people who play alone, i need to develop AI for the second player. also, i want to make a story mode.

panda slaughter apperantly "makes poop look good", but guys, that game was a joke. i developed it in 13 hours. i'm not going to put a lot of effort into something that might get banned just for it's concept.

to round things off, throughout this year, i'm going to be releasing games, music, and animations as tribute to this year being the year of luigi. this months tribute: luigi's mansion ghost hunting game.



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2013-05-07 06:40:49

Clearing cache doesn't work, so I guess the only solution is to use Chrome? That's gotta be a bug in the programming though, I don't think I've played any HTML5 games earlier that didn't work fine on FF. Don't blame the users man! :)

Panda Slaughter was a lot of fun. Some of real classics on NG were games like that, they get shitty reviews all the time, but that's just the way of the world, everybody can't take a joke.

Opinion... yeah- For future games, how about testing on multiple browsers before release? A majority of users use FF. Looking forward to seeing what the future has to bring!

larrynachos responds:

thanks man!

well, the majority of people who have played my game have actually played it, so i'm just assuming it's either the browser or the computer :X it's nothing in the coding, as i'm able to play it myself, so hmm... i'll look into it.

and testing in multiple browsers is on the list, so once i have the time to download other browsers, i'll get right on that.


2013-05-08 02:47:47

I just mean not everyone will have the same system as you, so a gameshould take all potential users into consideration. Designing sites is the same thing, you need to make sure it'll work on both regular and mobile devices, on different screen resolutions, and on different browsers. Though I usually just ignore IE. :P