UPDATE: 4/23/13

2013-04-23 23:07:59 by larrynachos

my god, has it been an exhausting start to my week! I released two games, one of which was despised by everyone, and the other was removed my the moderation team.

I downloaded a free trial of flash, so i'll be animating some more (don't worry, this time i'll do more than just tweening). I have a few ideas in mind, so i'll try to finish them before my trial expires.

Music is another thing on my list of things to do. i've lost my guitar pick, so i've been tearing my room apart while looking for a spare, but with no luck, so I can't start recording my album for a bit, but i'll be working on some electronic stuff while i'm at it.

coin collector has been stopped for now, puzzle jumper is becoming more of a priority (i havent updated it like i said i would). i'm also working on a life simulation game, but i've run into hundreds of problems, so that will take forever.

cheers, and see you all later!


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2013-04-25 14:14:50

Woo, lots of stuff going on! Cheers.