Is my content really that bad?

2013-04-22 19:41:06 by larrynachos

So, i recently released my second game, panda slaughter, and I got a lot of negative feedback. from the controls being rubbish to the graphics being horrible. My other game (puzzle jumper) also got hit with the bad results, as people were telling me that it was "pointless" and "broken". I also had released an animation, which everyone was shouting at. Am i really that terrible? i've just begun seriously developing content, and people expect professional results. The only positive feedback i've gotten is on my music, which makes me really happy (i love when people like my creations ^_^), but it still hurts me to see all of the "wtf did i just play" and "get off of newgrounds faggot" posts.


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2013-04-22 20:45:14

For a touch screen game the UI is badly designed, the graphics are terrible because they dont mesh well (I could tell which image was just randomly copy&pasted) and please take the time to make your OWN FONTS. Or not boring fonts. It's okay if you arent professional, but take everyones criticism as a piece of advice. I rely on feedback from various NG friends before i release my game.

Thats all i can offer n***a


2013-04-22 20:48:28

also each game is a learning experience blah blah blah be creative blah


2013-04-22 23:30:28

tbh your acually quite lucky to have the feedback you get. i rely on peoples feedback and on my new animation all i got in the comments like "lol that was funny"(as positive) and "o_o"(as negative) some people may be able to point out things you miss and you must take that info and make your stuff better

larrynachos responds:

well, at least you have a better rating XD


2013-04-23 00:21:23

Don't be discouraged. Yes, reviews on NG can be harsh but use it as a learning experience. Maybe try making a bunch of games but not releasing them. And when your skills get good enough, make one killer game and release it. You can do it! :)


2013-04-25 15:53:34

Hmm, guess I should check and review something before I say something...