Goodness! i just pissed off the internet!

2013-04-07 01:32:20 by larrynachos

so i was in the chat, which just so happened to be filled with sex-obsessed maniacs. So i posted a thread asking if any "mature" people were still out there.

but mistake, eh?

holy shit, you would not believe.

they came out of the shadows. angry wolves, and entire pack of them.

and immediatly started ripping at me with their "knowledge of the internet"

I would rant more, but i've seriously got to get to work on some of my flash projects, but

lesson learned: don't share your opinions on the internet.



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2013-04-07 01:51:46

you can share your opinions, just dont present them in a stupid manner
dont even try to argue when someone gives you a good answer.


2013-04-07 05:05:29

Controversial opinions spark great debates. Keep going! :D


2013-04-07 19:51:45

Wow, this just adds insult to injury.