UPDATE: end of march madness

2013-03-30 02:23:39 by larrynachos

So, march is almost over. thank god!

oh wait, i have to WORK this weekend.

*screams in agony*

okay, so aside from real life crap, i'm being swamped with projects. looks like i really bit off more than i could chew.

no srsly guys. this slab of meat is lodged in my throat.



halp. pls.

okay jokes aside, i've got a billion projects to do, and i'm using free trials of stuff, so time is of the essence.

1. i'm re-doing puzzlejumper.
I've decided i've had enough of the constructive criticizem, so i'm re drawing all of the level designs in a completly different format. It's not fun.

2. I'm working on another 2 games.
I'm working on another html5 game, along with a flash game. The flash game is Renegade shooter. it's a really great game, and i'm sure you guys will like it. the second game is a game i haven't started yet: it's called coin collector: rpg. read my forum post.

3. I've got 2-3 animations on the way.
as soon as fulp fixes my account so my animations will publish, i'll be releasing a series of animations i've been working on.

- Logan and steve: episodes 1 and 2
-Logan in minecraft episode 1



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2013-04-04 11:43:15

Sorry I reviewed your animation and gave it 3 stars, I mentioned it was partially because it had no sound. o_o but my sound was off. So I went back and gave you a 5 star rating to try and make up for it, hehe. I wish they'd let you edit your reviews.

larrynachos responds:

hey thanks man! no worries. a 5 star rating is just what i needed! and even with the sound effects, it's still a pretty poor animation. and yeah, reviews should be able to be edited.


2013-04-06 22:02:33

pppppppppirate eet

larrynachos responds:

uhh... pardon?


2013-04-07 01:12:56

Don't take drug, kid. You were high.

larrynachos responds:

uuh, no. no high. what the fuck are you talking about?