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Posted by larrynachos - December 16th, 2021

Hi NG, sorry for the silence the past few months but I've been kinda overwhelmed with IRL stuff and haven't been productive enough to warrant a news post.

I wanna start by thanking everyone who played Madness Roulette! I was surprised it was received so positively, cause it was an impromptu project started maybe 2.5 weeks before madness day ๐Ÿ˜… I'm sorry season 2 hasn't dropped yet, but like all of my work I publish it and then I hate it, so we're taking our time to revamp the UI and everything and give it a nice polish! We have a lot of neat ideas for the future of MR, including private match spectating, cosmetics to dress up the grunt with (make your own character!), firebase integration (to allow for persistent player saves and community events like faction battles!), and a madness minigame arcade with single and multi player minigames you can play to earn tickets which can be redeemed for cosmetics and stuff! I'm pretty excited, but please be patient as this update will take some time!

I'd also like to give a huge thanks to the project members who made this all possible! @teravex @yurikadry @spazgunk @slickramen, you guys rock!

Existential Anxiety Simulator

I've also just released a new ambient project. It's some pretty trippy stuff, be sure to check it out! I'll have some more traditional electronic tracks out soon, I promise :X

But yeah, as I said in the beginning, real life is throwing everything it's got at me right now so I'm not sure how active I'll be. It's a lovely combination of health problems, house repairs, and financial stress YEEHAW. Even if my online presence suffers, just know that I'm chipping away at things behind the scenes, slowly but surely!

Take care NG, I love you ๐Ÿ’•




Donโ€™t apologise,you had more important matters to do,so take all the time you need!

Don't worry, it's alright, it happens. I'm very excited to see the next update to Madness Roulette, especially the character customization options! Hope you stay safe and take care! <3

Good luck, and may you have success with your projects

Hey itโ€™s alright, take your time man.

Also how has your game been on the front page since like September?? I donโ€™t even think FnF has been on there for that long

I think they kept it up for so long because they expected me to update it as frequently as I did with Pico Arcade. Unfortunately I don't have the free time that I had earlier in the year, so I can't accomplish as much ;-;

Its ok to take your time with stuff.
Im excited for all the new things coming to Madness Roulette and how much fun and replayability it'll have!

Personally I think it would be amazing if Madness Roulette was on Steam

YEHAW, REAL LIFE. Gotta focus on that life, creative projects are always secondary. I love coming back here after a lull, take the breaks you need but I'll keep this place warm for you. This is your home LarryNachos. YOU CAN'T AVOID YOUR HOME FOREVER.