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Pico's Arcade Slots Update & An Overdue Thank You!

Posted by larrynachos - May 18th, 2021

Sorry for not posting any news for over a month, but I didn't feel like I had anything important to say.

Pico's Arcade 1.1 Update!

It's not much, but I spent a good chunk of time today working on a slot machine. I hope yall enjoy it! I've officially scrapped the Alien Hominid, Impossible Game, and Game Builder minigames, and tbh I think Pico's Arcade is reaching the end of it's life so I'm not sure how many more updates I'll be making. I have a few rough ideas but no assets, and honestly I'm directing my attention towards future projects that I want to make with patience and polish.

Thanks to everyone who played and provided feedback for Pico's Arcade!

1K Fans!!! Thank You All So Much!

When I created this account in 2013, my goal was to reach 1000 fans. The first few years saw some decent growth, about 100 a year. Then my growth declined for a few years, but this year it exploded with the release of Pico's Arcade! I've gotten more followers in the past 2 months than I have in the past few years, and I can't thank you all enough! I hope I can keep you all entertained with my future content! What would you like to see from me in 2021-2022?

What's Next

  • I have a few solo game projects in limbo that need finishing or scrapping, a 2D version of SuperHot that still needs levels designed, a 3D zombie shooter that runs terribly in webgl builds, and two potential sequels to Billy Bob. I don't feel very motivated to work on any of these because they're sloppy and unpolished (as is my signature style apparently lol), so I think I might just throw them in the trash and focus on more promising projects worth my time and effort.

  • @Icy64, @TeraVex and I have begun preproduction on the sequel to Mina Miner: Dig Deep! We're taking our time with it, so it'll be a while yet, but our brainstorming sessions are very promising and I'm excited to start development!

  • I've been fiddling with VR in Unity, might make something cool idk ;)

  • Music-wise, I don't have much going on. I'm gonna make an effort to work on albums as a whole coherent concept, instead of making one song at a time until I have ~10 and just slapping some art on it and calling it an album. If you missed it, check out this dope DnB track I made for Pico Day! It's a slapper :3

Wanna Make a Game? Hit Me Up!

I'm eager to work on more projects, but my lack of artistic ability leaves me limited by the assets I can cobble up from the web. If you're an artist/animator with a game idea and want to make it a reality, let me know! If it's within my skill range, we can get to work immediately :3

Follow These Peeps

Now that I'm r̶i̶c̶h̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶f̶a̶m̶o̶u̶s̶ moderately successful, I gotta try and boost my music buddies! It's kind of criminal that these people haven't hit 1K fans yet, so make it happen 🆖ang!






If you don't follow them, I will find you and I will make you >:(

Okay bye love you <3




I have fixed the mistake of not following certain people

Good *puts spiked bat away*

I refuse to follow Quarl.

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