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Newgrounds Arcade Xmas Finale! (+bonus!)

Posted by larrynachos - December 25th, 2020

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Just a final reminder that if you missed a day during the NGA Xmas event, you can go back and revisit them today! Use the left/right arrow keys to cycle through the different presents.

Hope you all have a wonderful day :)



Comments (6)

Merry Christmas larrynachos!

Merry Christmas Cyberdevil! Hope you had a great holiday :)

Yessir, so far so good, though one more week to go till it's all over. :) Feeling like it might just take that week to actually calm down a bit and rest properly; get into that New Year state of contemplation...

How 'bout you? Holidays treating you alright?

I suppose so, my family didn't do anything for christmas so it kinda just feels like any other time of the year but colder xD I bought myself a present, some plugins that should help me monetize android games.

You have any resolutions for 2021? I honestly haven't thought about it much because 2020 flew by so fast.

Ah nothing at all? :/ Not even a gathering/dinner kind of thing? That sound like a somewhat depressing kind of Christmas man, hope you still get some merry moments amidst all this madness.

I haven't really gotten to the resolution state of mind yet. I'm usually writing up something last minute, usually just like to just ask myself where I am and where I want to go; formulate something based upon that. Used to write up pretty elaborate lists but I think the last one was just something like: Don't wait, don't stop, don't stall. Don't fall. Stand tall, don't crawl. IDK! XD I've been ending up a bit disappointed with making resolutions that I don't really follow through with... I know I had a few hopes for the year that really didn't go as planned too, maybe time to re-formulate those. Been blogging about this stuff the past decade or so, if you're really interested I can send over a link later. :)

Gotta make the most of the New Year either way though! Start it with a jump at least. Resolutions are no it's always nice with some sort of fresh start.

Yeah we don't really do things together anymore. Sometimes my dad cooks, but that's about the extent of our "gatherings".

I saw your cyberd blog (and consequently, your gingerbread man xD). Wow, you've been blogging for a really long time!

Actually, regarding new resolutions it's gotta be about music this year. :) Don't want to lose the momentum there. More of that! More collabs! No need to always think so much about everything but: be spontaneous; free; tame the moments and emcee for me! Resolution #1

Ooh yes! More Cyberdevil in 2021! Don't hesitate to hit me up for collabs :D

Aaaah! I did not plan on that being the first thing you'd get to see there, lmao! XD Strange combination of both maybe most suitable and most embarrassing first impression haha, oh well... cool you stopped by. Instant comment privileges invoked for all future should you ever feel like doing so again. ;)

Sorry to hear about the lack of family get-togethers though. Hope you're doing alright either way? I'm really crawling up the walls occasionally lately with all the time I'm spending with my parents - a lot of working from home this year - but should be thankful to have them here still. So far we haven't missed a year with any kind of traditional festivities.

And hell yeah, I'd love to try way more. :) Turned up some of the best things I've done so far!