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Posted by larrynachos - 2 weeks ago

Howdy gang! Sorry I haven't been pushing many significant updates to Newgrounds Arcade! I decided to try and make an animation for the Among Us contest, so I've taken some time to work on that. However, I just released Newgrounds Arcade 1.3.9, which totally overhauled the game select screen thanks to art from @Icy64! I'm planning on replacing the graphics for The Hub next, but I want to get as many fixes and features added as possible for the release of 1.4! If you have any suggestions for additions or changes, please let me know! I want to try and release 1.4 this week, then get to work on a Halloween event :)

So my questions to you: What would you like to see implemented in the upcoming 1.4 update? What would you like to see happen for Halloween, and what long-term additions would you like to see over the next few months? Thanks, can't wait to hear from you all!



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I have a question where did your username name come from i love it just asking.

In 4th grade (maybe fall 2007 or spring 2008) I started a website using freewebs. I had to choose a username, and a dumb joke name a friend of mine had said a while ago just popped into my head and I went with it. There's no real meaning behind the name larrynachos, although I feel like all the time people see my name and say "I want some nachos" xD

whats ur name larry nachos

my name jeff

what is your real name larry nachoes

You created an entire account to bypass my ban on you. This is grounds for account termination.

Halloween is everyone's favorite holiday UwU

Love love LOVE Halloween! The october aesthetic is my absolute favorite!

Wow , congrats on B/P rank Sgt. First Class ;)

ooh, shiny new badge! I sure have been watching a lot of under judgement submissions lately :) Thanks!

Remindin' me I still need to really play through this... no time yet, but more medals, more highscores, more everything overall... looking forward to seeing what you've managed whenever I finally get to this...

Ah Congrats on the B/P up too!

I should be posting the 1.4 update today! I couldn't think of any creative halloween events, so idk if I'll be adding a halloween update. I definitely plan on adding more medals! Usually I make my games with a few very valuable medals, but I want to stretch out my points to make a bunch of medals for future events/minigames.

Thanks for the congrats! I just started rating under judgment submissions again lol :)

Halloween theme definitely sounds like a cool idea too. :) Regarding points maybe you could get some special privileges from staff if this really grows big! There are some games out there with more than the max, Abobo's Big Adventure comes to mind...

I guess you'll be climbing fast with the amount that's out there now. :D Good call!

Maybe I'll ask someone once I max my current points out and need more. Thanks for the suggestion!

Can't see how they could refuse some extra with a game like this. :)