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Newgrounds Arcade: Update Log

Posted by larrynachos - September 21st, 2020

In an attempt to unclutter my game's description, I'm moving the update log to a news post! Thanks for the idea VicariousE!

Current Issues:

  1. After a Cinema playback error redirects you to the failsafe video (nintendo switch ui remix), queue the next video twice before you /voteskip, because voteskipping pops the front of the array and if you only have one video queued it'll just error again.
  2. If you enter Air Hockey, Racer Rally, The Cinema or The Hub, but are still in the main chatroom, the client didn't have enough time to disconnect you from main and put you into a new lobby. Back out, wait a few seconds, then rejoin.
  3. Found a bug? Let me know!

December 29th 2020 v1.5.1 - Friday Night Funkin'!

  • New Minigame: Friday Night Funkin' (simon says)!
  • Filesize reduced to 188mb!

December 13 2020 v1.5 - Xmas Event!

  • New Minigame: Pinball! (3 different tables!)
  • New Casino Minigame: Blackjack!
  • XMAS Event Begins!
  • From Dec 14-25, find a different present under the tree in the game select screen! Press F to scroll to it automatically.
  • Tweaks and fixes!
  • Compressed audio to shrink download size

October 29 2020 v1.4.2

  • Compressed music tracks, effectively halving the download size.
  • Added tutorial button for Sandwich Stacker

October 25 2020 v1.4.1

  • New minigame! Play Sandwich Stacker by clicking on the little food court booth by the cinema!
  • Fixed Line Rider hazards not doing anything.
  • Added 2 new songs

October 19 2020 v1.4 - Visual Overhaul #2 + More!

  • Replaced art for main menu (+ added day/night cycle!)
  • Replaced art for The Hub
  • Known issues: I disabled the machines in The Hub because the chat wasn't leaving and joining rooms properly. I hope to get this fixed!
  • Fixed game select screen to prevent accidental clicking of minigames! :)
  • Added hidden achievement!
  • NEW MINIGAME - Line Rider! Draw and play your own levels!
  • Known issues: Lmaooo I forgot to make the hazards actually hurt you xD I'll fix that asap. The rider's movement is a bit wonky, I will be tweaking it in the next couple of updates
  • Note: The ? tutorial box for Line Rider isn't working apparently. I had it link to an image in game but apparently the URLs are different between the preview and html build. The interface should be self explanatory though.
  • Began work on a new minigame...
  • Restarted work on an older minigame...

September 30 2020 v1.3.9 - Visual Overhaul #1

  • New game select screen, thanks to @icy64! Welcome to the team Icy!
  • Began redesigning The Hub...
  • Continued chipping away at the MyPet minigame...

September 27 2020 v1.3.8

  • Optimized racer rally to reduce latency for peer

September 26 2020 v1.3.7 - Madness Arena: New Weapons!

  • Added RPG and Katana to Madness Arena!
  • Added backboard to skee ball

September 25 2020 v1.3.6 - Madness Arena Updates

  • Added chance to spawn armor around enemies
  • Added blood splatter effect on bullet hit
  • Added mouse cam for better sightlines
  • Some enemies now have more health than others (determined by skin)
  • Began work on katana, rocket launcher!
  • Made BGM shuffle instead of loop (hopefully, didn't test it too thoroughly. Let me know if there are issues!)

September 24 2020 v1.3.5

  • Madness Arena: Made zombies and bullets faster. Made the bullet time powerup manual! Press Q to toggle bullet time on/off. Bullet time now affects music!
  • Rammy's Run: Raised difficulty considerably.

September 24 2020 v1.3.4

  • New Skee Ball Minigame (+scoreboard)!
  • Added sounds to basketball game
  • Fixed basketball game not saving progress at game end

September 23 2020 v1.3.3

  • New Basketball Minigame (+scoreboard)!

September 23 2020 v1.3.2

  • Alien Hominid: Tweaked missile damage, speed, rotation rate, player max health, civ spawn count
  • The Hub: You can now only change your skins to plushies you've unlocked!

September 21 2020 v1.3.1.1

  • Tweaked ui, fonts on buttons and lists should be bigger now.
  • Madness Arena: Shortened shell case bounce sounds and gave them a 50% chance of playing for each case (to prevent audio overloads)

September 21 2020 v1.3.1

  • Music Pack 02! Enjoy several new tracks!
  • Madness Arena: Tweaked camera shake for each gun, added crosshair to mouse
  • Added new background to cinema by Icy64!
  • I'm currently working on improving the UI!

September 20 2020 v1.3

  • Madness Arena: Gave enemies different weapons!
  • Madness Arena: Brought back particle rain (wasn't causing performance issues)
  • Madness Arena: Tweaked recoil and bot behavior
  • Cinema: Added an element from Icy64 to make things look a little nicer :)
  • Began preproduction on some new minigame ideas...

September 19 2020 v1.2.9

  • Fixed a huge performance suck, hopefully every minigame should run faster!
  • Tweaked gun recoil in Madness Arena
  • Tweaked max enemies in Madness Arena

September 19 2020 v1.2.8

  • Madness Arena: Performance optimizations (removed rain, limited max number of spawned NPCs). Still some issues late-game, and you might have to refresh before starting a second round. Looking into this.
  • Madness Arena: Added unlockable guns! (once unlocked, switch between them with 1,2,3, and 4 (not numpad))
  • Madness Arena: Added different skins!
  • Madness Arena: Tweaked map
  • Cinema MIGHT be fixed, please let me know how it works for you.
  • Known Issues: Sometimes the rain won't spawn properly. Purely a cosmetic difference :\

September 18 2020 v1.2.7

  • Removed audio preloads when you start the game. Let me know if you have any issues with bgm audio playing over itself.
  • Changed menu logo and play button
  • Madness Arena: Expanded map 4x, added weapon recoil and tweaked settings. Added 2 medals.

September 17 2020 v1.2.5 - Madness Arena + Plushy Update!

  • New Minigame: Madness Arena! Survive as long as you can!
  • Added 5 new plushies
  • Removed medal balls to make room for future plushies!
  • Fixed Racer Rally not sending you back to room 'main' after a match ends.
  • hotfix 1.2.6 fixed quick issues with madness arena

September 16 2020 v1.2.3

  • Added 5 more race tracks to Racing Rally!
  • 1.2.4 hotfix - claw machine fixed!

September 16 2020 v1.2.2

  • Added new race tracks to Racing Rally! Race through Rainbow Road and New York!
  • Fixed racing victory conditions (for real this time).
  • Cinema is still broken, sorry.

September 16 2020 v1.2.1

  • Fixed racing victory conditions
  • Tweaked race car physics.
  • Attempted Cinema fix (to no avail)
  • Replaced Air Hockey Paddles (Thanks Icy64!)

September 15 2020 v1.2 - Social Hub Update!

- New multiplayer experience, The HUB! Walk around as any of your favorite NG character and chat with others! You can access the minigames within the hub by pressing F while hovering over them.

September 14 2020 v1.1.4

- Optimized Racer Rally and Air Hockey to reduce peer input lag.

- Reduced Racer Rally map resolution

- Decreased Racer Rally zoom level so turns aren't so surprising.

- Double checked medal and scoreboard conditions. Everything should unlock and post correctly.

- Tried to beat the infinite error loop in cinema by redirecting you to my nintendo switch remix. If that video pops up, that's why.

- Began work on a new minigame...

- Began work on a new multiplayer mode...

September 13 2020 v1.1.2

various fixes

1.1.3 hotfix - if you aren't receiving your plushy medals, the trophy room will now attempt to unlock medals for any trophies you have collected, just in case.

September 13 2020 v1.1.1

Added css stylings to volume sliders

Changed BGM slider floor value so music actually mutes

Lowered the resolution of the racing game map (saves space and performance)

Fixed expired discord invite

Changed trophy shelf BG

Tried to fix the infinite error loop in the cinema by redirecting you to my nintendo switch ui remix on youtube. Hopefully this prevents the infinite error loop. If this video plays, queue up another video and vote to skip with /voteskip

September 11 2020 v1.1 - New Multiplayer Minigame!

Racer Rally - A new 2 player top down racing game! The car mechanics are gonna need some fine tuning, but things appear to be mostly functional. If you find any bugs, let me know!

Added 4 new music tracks

Added mute button to cinema

Added discord button to main menu

Small behind the scenes fixes

September 10 2020 v1.0.9.4

small networking fixes

began work on a new multiplayer minigame...

September 9 2020 v1.0.9 - Movie Theater Update!

Added Cinema room. Meet up and watch youtube videos together!

Added some tiny tweaks to things. hotfix - fixed no notification sound, fixed chat errors.

10.9.3 hotfix - hopefully fixed some connectivity issues and issues with high scores not posting

Current Issues: Okay I think the movie theater is broken lol. It worked before I uploaded it, maybe newgrounds doesn't like the youtube player plugin I used.

September 9 2020 v1.0.8

Added toggleable chat notification sound

Added objects to air hockey to prevent pucks stagnating horizontally.

Had to slow down air hockey puck because it was clipping through paddles.

Beautified chat.

September 8 2020 v1.0.6 - MULTIPLAYER AIR HOCKEY!

Added new minigame: Air Hockey! It's multiplayer, so duel it out with a fellow player!

Added css stylings to buttons

Tried to fix some network connectivity issues

1.0.7 hotfix - made the air hockey puck faster, added a notification for others when you've entered the air hockey minigame.

Current issues: As expected, the networking on air hockey is a little janky. I play just fine with some people, and other times the puck will go right through me. I think it has to do with the quality of the connection.

September 8 2020 v1.0.5 - performance optimizations & more!

took out some webgl effects that were bogging things down.

changed the coin pusher machine to make the experience playing with others feel more instant!

September 8 2020 v1.0.4

Added alternate chat rooms to fall back on if you fail to connect to the main.

September 8 2020 v1.0.3 - Some fixes, wahoo!

Added volume sliders to the menu! Now you can customize how loud the ambience, sfx, and bgm are!

Fixed the bugs that were causing the background audio to play twice or more!

Extended the coin pusher so we no longer lose a few down the left side!

Hopefully fixed an issue where the array with the plushy names would reset it's y0, so when you win a plushy from the claw machine the message to everyone would display 0 instead of the name of the plushy you won.

Moved the chat button so it doesn't overlap the main menu button (was causing issues on mobile)

Current Issues: Found any? Let me know!

BGM will sometimes cut off? I think it's because of the things I added to prevent the BGM from playing multiple times at once :x

September 7 2020 v1.0 - Initial Release!

Currently 6 minigames, with 2 more in development and many more planned!

Minimal multiplayer features. Chat with other players, and work together and win big in the coin pusher machine! I'm not very good at network features, but I've been fiddling with a multiplayer blackjack idea!

Tons of medals to unlock and scoreboards to dominate!

1.0.1 hotfix - removed drop shadow effect from plushies because it doesn't display properly once exported. Added more Cacola music. Added audio preloading to the main menu.

1.0.2 hotfix - fixed Hominid Homicide Scoreboards (hopefully), fixed clearing storage not stopping BGM before refreshing the layout. Fixed host receiving double messages, and fixed bug where people are receiving the Rammy's Run medal early.

Current Issues:

Things are a bit rough on mobile. Like previous games, the physics engine runs slower on mobile. Also, some webGL effects display differently :(

BGM will play over itself if you exit and enter a game too quickly



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