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Thank You All So Much!

Posted by larrynachos - 1 month ago

Thank you so much for 600... wait, 650 fans!!! That's nuts!

These past two weeks have been a trip! My latest game, Newgrounds Arcade, was a huge success for me! It got daily 1st, front paged, AND it's currently one of the best games this month! I can't thank you all enough for your support! It makes me so happy seeing people in the chat, chatting and playing games :) Sometimes there are over 10 people online at once!

The initial release was a bit barebones, but over the past two weeks I've pushed over 25 updates, including the Cinema, a place where you can watch youtube videos together, Racer Rally, a multiplayer racing game, Air Hockey, a multiplayer pong minigame, and Madness Arena, a single player arena shooter in the style of Madness Combat (released just in time for Madness Day 2020)! Each minigame is better than the last, and I'm really excited to continue developing more minigames!

Planned Additions:

  • Punk o Matic mini
  • My Pets (feed and train a pet, then battle other users' pets!)
  • Something with a level editor
  • Multiplayer turn based tankman minigame!
  • Eddsworld game (zombeh nation based?)
  • Darnell's Beat Maker
  • NG Radio (if I can get the dang thing to embed D:< )

My only wish is that anyone who voted low initially please return and re assess their experience! My goal was to keep Newgrounds Arcade at around a 4.20 rating lol, and we're not too far away! I was at around 4.35 at the peak, but now we're at around 4.11 and I know I can do better! If there's anything you'd like me to change or add to Newgrounds Arcade, PLEASE let me know! This experience is equal parts for you as it is for me :)

ALSO: If you are a content creator (musician, artist, etc) who would to contribute something to the game, please check out my help wanted listing. This game is about Newgrounds, and I'd like to help shine the spotlight on the site and it's users :)

I haven't been up to much outside of NG Arcade. I haven't worked on music since I got struck from both the NGADM and NGUAC. I'm nearly ready to release the album I've been working on all year, I'm just waiting for a collab track from @cacola and it'll be ready!



Comments (7)

Congratulations bro

Thanks bro! Hope to keep working on it for months to come!

Congratulations on 650 fans, you definitely deserve them. Gonna check out ya' game now.

In about an hour I'll be pushing update 1.3, which gives the enemies in madness arena different weapons, among other things. I hope you enjoy yourself!

Congratz man you deserve it

Thank you!

Congrats on 650!

What kind of music are you looking for? I got started back producing a while back

I want to add some more metal or jump up dnb for the action minigames. If you have some tracks that would fit, let me know!


Thank you!

Nice job! You deserve all that accolades for that fantastic work!

Thanks! I'm gonna keep working :D

I got some odd meter metal, not sure if it fits what you're looking for, for an action minigame, but dnb I might have in the works some time. Lately I've gotten back into more electronic genres