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I'm now 151, you're welcome.

:O Thank you so much!

Since Puzzle Jumper and Dead Defense are cancelled does that mean you're moving on from game development completely or just going into another project until your state of affairs are resolved. Ya know, starting something else game related, maybe fixing or replacing your laptop.

After the laptop died, my mom and I dissected it to extract the hard drive. In the process, we broke the motherboard and pretty much everything else in the laptop.

I think I'm going to move away from game development. Maybe I'll make another game when the time is right.

Wow, you poor bastard. I hope you do get back to making more content. It's a shame you lost all the data from your games th0 <:'(

Yeah, I'm already working on some songs and stuff, but I'm giving up game development and animating.

:O! I'm so sorry to hear that, man! I hope you'll still be making your awesome music, though. WHAT ELSE AM I GOING TO DO THIS SUMMER BESIDES REVIEW NG TRACKS? D:>

Yeah dude, I'm still making music. Just released a new one, actually.

Holy crap dude, you have over 1,000 audio reviews. That's a lot o.o

^ Oh, well that's good. :') I'll probably review it within the next couple of days. And yeah, I've reviewed about 1 track per day since the summer of 2012. I even recently wrote a newspost about it. ;D

I was really enjoying your music until I read in your bio that you dislike Asparagus.

I'll have to have a think about you...

I actually haven't eaten asparagus in a while. My tastes might have changed since then.

This is why I keep 5 backups of my projects folders, 2 on an SD card in a styrofoam coffin in a fireproof safe, 2 in a dropbox account, and finally, a secure cloud server.

Thanks for the reminder. I'm gonna go back everything up now.

Wow, that could take days, depending on how big your project folders are.

Yeah. That's why dropbox gets the 'log files' and 'resource pools'.
The SD cards get the large files.

Ooh, ok.

I'm happy to be your 150th follower. I'm sorry about your laptop!

It's okay, I've already set up all of my production stuff on my desktop, as well as recovered some project files from the corrupted hard drive.

Thanks again for being my fan ^^