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🎮 I make game
🎧 I make music
I love creating, and I love collaborating! Feel free to hit me up if you wanna make something cool :)
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that game is awesome uwu

Thank you!

@nyexcatt2 @larrynachos your welcome uwu

How do ya make time for all these projects!!! Title screen looks great, hope to play this in a bit now...

By not having a job for the last year >< I tried to take full advantage of the free time I had.

Thanks for stopping by CD! You can play mina miner on mobile devices too :)

Aaah man, sorry to heat that! Hopefully you get some kind of compensation where you live at least? I wouldn't mind some more free time but... gotta appreciate what I got. :P But yeah you really are making the most of that time! Could maybe even... turns this into a job... possibly?

Nice. :) I'm a super stationary PC kinda guy but with web GL stuff in particular I have been going mobile occasionally. Crazy how much better hardware those tiny devices have for certain specific things.

On new Firefox/old Win7, can't get Adventure or Level Creator buttons to work. Had a similar issue w/ other games where buttons wouldn't work - was told it might have to do w/ uninstalled fonts. Seems weird, but I've read other complaints, talked to different devs...

I can't test with windows 7, but I developed the game in Firefox so I'm not sure what could be causing that issue for some people. The font used in game is a web font packaged within the game. The game works fine on mobile browsers too, which is where I usually find problems. The buttons are just sprite objects, and there's nothing particularly special about the level editor or adventure level select screens, so I'm not sure how I'd go about finding the problem and fixing it.

I'm gonna have to cross reference the console debugger between this Construct 2 game and another to find the problem... which seems to be accessing the game as a whole.

Did find this: Uncaught (in promise) Error: No available storage method found c2runtime.js:21533:10059 a bit of a rat's nest of code... but let me try another C2 game

Storage method huh? Maybe a problem with the local storage permissions? I think the save file is just a cookie or something, so if that's disabled maybe it can't save so it never toggles the IsLoaded boolean?