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I love creating, and I love collaborating! Feel free to hit me up if you wanna make something cool :)

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Gingerbread maker pog

Reminds me of the old interactive newgrounds collab menus. I had trouble with the claw game, buttons didn't work on my second time to the machine. Dunno, it's a cute little game. I'm not into collecting medals but I might just come back :)

Aah this is awesome! :D Long scroll to the tree but finna be worth it... twelve new minigames like this too man?! That's crazy. Was missing a quick reset button on this first one but otherwise this is the kind of simple thing I could spend hours on. And image export! Awesome start.

If you press f, it should jump to the tree!
It's not 12 minigames, but it alternates between minigames and music from NG artists.

Glad you're enjoying so far, CD!

Ah alright, maybe not crazy then but still awesome. :) Missed that F note above too, good to know.

Have been plotting to go through the whole arcade a long time now but it seems like daily medals is what'll ultimately lure me in. :) Hopefully more time to play during Christmas though! Cheers!

You should have considered the time zones differences when starting this event because by the time you made this post there was only as much as only 1 hour left of December 14th for Europe which is a bit unfair. Also remember that those medals have to be obtainable every year, it cannot be a one-time event; otherwise they cannot stay.

Yeah, it's set up to repeat every year. And I uploaded the update yesterday so it's been available since midnight. I was late making the announcement cause I slept in


Today's is pretty lame. It was supposed to be a track from somebody else, but they never submitted so I just used the placeholder. Merry xmas day 2!

@DTADF @larrynachos thanks

Ey been missing that spinning CD for so long now! :D Almost brought back the oldskool NG visualizer for real here...

I miss the dancing badgers tbh

Ah I didn't even remember there were other ones than the CD and the more regular waveform ones! :D Vague memories of a dancing Angry Faic and all now...

Fun one today too, creative arcade-like destruction. :) Feels like these deserve their own little mini reviews hmm... do you mind if I leave a quick comment on each one here?

go for it!

No game today but just stopping by to say I'm enjoying the vibes that play! Smooth, smoothing, winter tunes a fuming... nice pick.

Why would I want to club a seal? Beating up animals is bad.

It's a throwback to Tom's old game Club a Seal xD

lmao! XD NG Classics throwback, though with a twist: each time I club the seal I now feel sorry for it... that 275 club score kinda makes you seem like a savage man. :P

Lmao, those are from testing ? you're right though, I'm a monster

Props though. Nostalgia club. :P

Cacola sounds a bit like Carola hmm, which is coincidentally a very seasonally active artist around these parts (I mean these parts IRL)! Smooth wintery tune here... nice pick too.

Hmm... today's (20th December) medal does not work for me.

Did you beat the minigame?

@larrynachos Ok, got it!

Glad to hear!

Ahh I missed yesterday! One for next year then hmm. Smooth music today, can't miss the minigame tomorrow now...

That feel when you finally see the exit after having been to pretty much every other corner and alcove of the maze before it. :P Thorough maze... but a fun one, and the presents: are they maybe randomly generated? So the highscore is both a luck and patience-driven thing? Or is everybody finna be getting tied on that one if they really start catching all?

Some time-based highscore list would've been cool too but: this was fun. No rush this way either. Calm holiday spirit and all.

I don't know why I opted for presents and not a timer, but I've got plenty of timed mazes in my other game, MazeWorld :)

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